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On the 17th of July, 2003, Cyrill, Archbishop of Jaroslavl and Rostov, blessed to restore the convent and appoint nun Catherine (Gayeva) to be the abbess. Under the fourth abbess the cathedral domes were completely restored, the wall-painting was begun, the fence around the cathedral was put up. The nuns keep up the tombs of the first two abbesses, Mikhaila and Joan, which are on the territory of the convent, and tend their own kitchen garden. Together with conducting Divine Services the nuns regularly visit local schools, orphanages and hospitals. They perform a great amount of social work and bring up young girls from Orthodox families. The main building of the convent in Goroushka, the cathedral in honour of Our Lady of Kazan, needs badly in restoration and maintainance. The nuns are grateful to all who contributed in the convent restoration and will pray for all benefactors.

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